A natural entrepreneur David Dubé wanted to set himself apart from the herd.  In 2004 David founded OnlyOneYouNeed, Inc. with the purpose of changing peoples lives and yet since then his life has been radically transformed.  David always had a bit of a different perspective on life with a sister who was born blind and autistic, but it wasn’t till his mother’s first diagnosis of cancer 2009 that things took a drastic change.  

Since that time David has searched deep within himself for meaning, transforming his life as well as many others.  He brings his passion for change to the people he meets and works with every day.  His nature is to help others in seeing the greatness they already possess and bring it into their daily lives.  His vision for OnlyOneYouNeed was not that he was the only one you (or anyone else) needs but that you are the only one you ever need and David just assists in facilitating your understanding of the powers, gifts and abilities you were already born with.  All that to ultimately Be the person you were meant to be. Believe in all that you are capable of being. Become more than you thought imaginable.

Co-Author of HD Mindset
When you think of HD what comes to mind? Some things might be: High Definition, clarity, crystal clear, life like. Now take a moment and imagine the life you have always desired to have and live. What has been keeping you from it? What has kept you from living out the dreams and desires you have always wanted?

In writing this book it is our intention to awaken you from the trance of everyday living and the standard definitions of our societal lives to that of living the life you truly desire. The life you deserve to have. Within the pages of our book we have broken down what is keeping you from your desires and how to overcome those limits to live and have the life of your desires. The life that requires the HD Mindset.
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